Policies and Limits of Liabilities

  1. The customer must be present for move and final walk through.
  2. Please do NOT pack jewelry, money, important papers, medicines, or other valuables because, unless otherwise agreed, we are not required to be responsible for them per regulations.
  3. We will move furniture with items in the drawers, but we will not be responsible for items in the drawers.  Therefore, we suggest you remove valuables and breakables from them.
  4. We will disconnect your appliances as a convenience only.  We are not plumbers or electricians; therefore, we cannot be responsible for the connections.  We suggest you get caps to cover supply lines at the location from which you move.
  5. We will move refrigerators and freezers but require that they be emptied beforehand.
  6. We will move empty aquariums, but, as they are glass and are not well suited for moving, we will not be responsible for them.
  7. We will move your waterbed at your request, but we are not waterbed technicians.  Therefore, we will do our best to carefully disassemble and reassemble the bed to the best of our ability.
  8. We will move your grand or up-right piano.
  9. We reserve the right to reschedule your move due to inclement weather without liability, but we will do our best to work with you in such unpredictable occasions.
  10. We have the right to limit our day to 12 hours.
  11. We will not take trucks off road or up or down steep driveways.  If you live at this type of location, please let us know ahead of time so we can develop an appropriate plan.  For example, we may need to have a pick up truck to shuttle belongings.  The clock will run while we position the truck and if time is lost because the truck gets stuck.
  12. We will not perform anything we feel is unsafe, as our safety and yours is paramount.  This includes, but is not limited to, crossing unfloored attics, entering unsafe crawl spaces, and hoisting items over balconies or rails.
  13. We are not responsible for items packed by customers unless the damage is a direct result of our negligence.  If you have fragile items that you are worried about, we suggest you have us pack those items.
  14. We ask that you keep pets and children clear of our work space for our safety and theirs.
  15. We do not move flammable materials.
  16. Aged, brittle possessions are sometimes not well-suited for moving.  We will move brittle items with the utmost care, but we cannot be responsible for any resulting damage.  This can happen due to many factors, including temperature fluctuations, dry rotting, water damage, or simply as a byproduct of age. 
  17. Press-board or particle board have poor structural design, which makes it unfriendly to moving.  Therefore, we cannot be responsible for these items, but we will move them with the greatest of care to prevent damage.
  18. Unless otherwise agreed upon prior to your move, our liability for damages to your items is limited to $300 per job, which is in accordance with state regulations.  
  19. We have the right to repair or replace any damaged items.
  20. We will not be responsible for any damage to property or items due to un-routine moving situations, including, but not limited to, standing furniture on end, sharp turns, over-crowded work area, difficult stairways, snags and sharp edges in work areas or door ways, handing furniture over balconies or railings, tight squeezes, and damages due to weather.  We will inform you of these situations as they arise.
  21. We will not be responsible for plants, but we will move them if agreed upon prior to move.
  22. When moving over-sized items, we will not be responsible for damages that are a direct result of doing so.  This includes, but is not limited to, scuffs, indentions, etc.
  23. Once we place your possessions into your storage facility, we are no longer liable for those items or any damage that may occur from that point on.


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